Advanta Laboratories clinical scientists understand how important it is to select the right partner for your clinical research. We provide Clinical Research Services that can be trusted to deliver to the highest standards throughout your clinical trials – from Phase I through Phase IV clinical trials to post-approval and the marketing of new products.

We are a leading contract research organization with experience in clinical research and international reach, Advanta Laboratories is uniquely placed to help you design, develop and implement clinical trial solutions that meet your specific needs. With a strong focus on Human trials and Infectious disease, endocrinology and oncology clinical trials, our aim is to help optimize your clinical timelines and support regulatory submissions to bring your product to market quickly and safely.

When you work with our clinical research scientists, you benefit from much more than the world-class service that has underpinned the thousands of trials we have overseen to date. You have access to:

  • Our clinical pharmacology units, bioanalytical laboratories and trial management offices
  • Data management and report writing services to help you meet regulatory standards when applying for approval of your product
  • Post approval support while your product is on the market

All of which makes for fast and smooth testing and development processes and allows you to make ‘go / no go’ decisions about your product that are based on the most reliable data.