Food and water quality is very important to the well being of our customers. At Advanta Laboratories, we offer services in the following areas

Nutritional Analysis– With today’s nutrition labelling regulations, your packaging labels must conform to rigorous standards. To achieve compliance, Advanta Laboratories using our strategic partnership with foreign and local laboratories offers:

  • Required chemistry assays for nutrition facts panel.
  • Extensive nutrition database for theoretical labels or recipes.
  • Regulatory support for making nutritient content claims.
  • Mineral Assays
  • Vitamin Assays

Water Testing

Advanta Laboratories now offers a comprehensive water testing service. ┬áThe “Priority 150” is a comprehensive 150+ parameter water test which includes the most commonly requested parameters performed by laboratories worldwide. The test is completed within 3-4 weeks from the date of collection.

We also offer the most commonly requested water testing parameters as recommended by the Institute of Public Analyst of Nigeria (IPAN) and NIS Standards